Industries & Sectors We SERVE


  • Offshore platforms

  • FPSOs

  • Oil & Gas terminals

  • Refineries

  • Oil & Gas onshore pipelines


  • Wind farms

  • Nuclear plants

  • Hydroelectric plants

  • Conventional plants

  • Pharmaceutical plants

  • Manufacturing plants

  • Chemical plant


  • FPSOs

  • Ferries

  • Naval vessels

  • Cruise liners

  • Tankers

  • ROROs


  • Bridges

  • Pylons and electrical substations

  • Onshore water pipelines


  • Buildings
  • Historical Properties
  • Retrofit
  • Production & Manufacturing environments (Food safe materials)
  • Regeneration

Oil and Gas Sector

TIS provide rope access and scaffolding services to the oil & gas sector to support construction, maintenance and decommissioning projects.

Industrial Painting
Our expert team ensures the integrity of steel in tough environmental conditions maximising the longevity and life span of assets.

Our technicians provide installation and technical support of thermal, cryogenic and acoustic insulation to protect pipework.

Industrial Cleaning
Our team supports onshore and offshore oil & gas assets with the provision of industrial cleaning services, such as ultra high water pressure jetting, NORM management, asbestos removal or tank cleaning.

Process and Energy Sector

We support a vast array of maintenance and construction projects including:

Processing Plants
TIS provides comprehensive scaffolding and rope access, as well as painting and insulation services to major petrochemical and processing facilities. Our services are offered as project work or as term maintenance contracts to suit the needs of your plants.

Power Plants
In the power sector, we design, deliver and project manage tailor made solutions for both capital projects and customers requiring the provision of dedicated on-site maintenance services. Our services are utilised by coal, hydro and nuclear power plants.

TIS supports refurbishment projects for pharmaceutical manufacturers where the ability to deliver an umbrella of services under one project management team is the key to adding value in a high quality, high precision and extremely competitive manufacturing sector.

The renewables industry is one of the fastest growing sectors and as more wind turbine farms are being commissioned. With our range of specially developed and managed integrated services, including term maintenance programmes, refurbishment and protective coatings application

Marine Sector

Specialist Coatings
Fully trained specialist coatings operatives provide vital support to your vessel, including protection for tanks, bunds and linings.

Insulation installation
TIS technicians inspect and install thermal, cryogenic and acoustic insulation to reduce risk of corrosion and support your cost saving efforts.

Access Solutions
TIS provides IRATA rope access operatives as well as scaffolding solutions to ensure a safe access to the hard to reach areas.

Providing specialist rope access weld technicians that are both IRATA qualified and GMAW/GTAW proficient for all your marine fabrication requirements.

NDT Inspection
Our technicians will carry out NDT inspections on your vessel using a range of techniques and processes including MPI inspection and ultrasonic inspection.

Experienced Support
TIS has provided fabric maintenance and access support on vessels such as: Sea Rose FPSO, Bonga FPSO, EnQuest Producer, Terra Nova FPSO, Stena DrillMAX, Pacific Bora, the Maersk Responder, ENSCO 120 and the Stena Forth.

Infrastructure Sector

We offer a wide range of services such as scaffolding, rope access, and protective coatings to ensure the integrity of infrastructure structures for years to come.

Bridges and Viaducts
TIS provides multi-disciplined personnel to support construction and infrastructure projects of any size and any discipline. Whether it is refurbishing a bridge or a performing testing and maintenance on a viaduct, TIS can deploy our specialists to deliver projects on time and within budget.

Railway Stations
Additionally, TIS can assist in railway station refurbishments, offering expertise and experience to ensure seamless project delivery. We’re well suited to performing tasks that provide both direct support such as insulation and painting, or indirect support through the erection of necessary scaffolding.

TIS has worked on a number of prestigious landmark renovation projects such as The Shard, Cutty Sark, Tower Bridge, Tees Newport Bridge, Southwark Bridge, Blackfriars Station, and the Tees Transporter Bridge.

Construction Sector

TIS offers comprehensive support for construction projects, deploying skilled personnel across various disciplines to handle projects of any magnitude. Whether tasked with support for a building renovation, inspection or maintenance works, our specialists ensure timely and cost-effective project delivery.

Renovation Services:
TIS specialises in supporting renovation projects, bringing improvement and support to aging structures while keeping in mind any historical or architectural significance. Our team of skilled personnel excels in identifying and addressing structural issues, providing necessary coatings or insulation.

Maintenance Works
Ensuring the ongoing maintenance of structures is essential for their longevity and performance. TIS provides comprehensive maintenance services to address routine upkeep, repairs, and preventative measures. From periodic inspections to proactive maintenance plans, our team is dedicated to preserving the integrity and functionality of buildings and infrastructure.

With expertise in scaffolding, rope access, insulation and protective coatings, we prioritise the longevity and structural integrity of structures and can provide support this both from the start of the project throughout its lifespan.