TIS supplies scaffolding services to help you reach your maintenance projects in the process and energy, oil & gas and infrastructure industries.

Our scaffolding services allow you to access areas undergoing maintenance, to undertake inspection work and to assist with shutdowns and emergency works.

Our scaffolding design team is here to help you with all technical queries and provide you with advice on your scaffolding design options.
TIS is part of the Scaffolding Association.

Our team has a robust set of scaffolding procedures to ensure project site safety.
Our team of experts can provide you with custom built solutions, to minimise the project cost and to increase your team’s efficiency.

Our trained and certified scaffolding team provides you with the high level of expertise and experience to ensure the safety of your workforce. Our team can support you with various levels of installation complexity in the infrastructure, process and energy, oil & gas and construction projects.

Our stock includes various types of scaffolding: from tube and fitting to the latest system scaffold solutions. Our scaffolding department can advise you on the right type of scaffolding to maximise your project’s productivity and decrease the installation costs.

specialist COATINGS

TIS provides support to painting and refurbishment projects including bridges, marine vessels and industrial sites that require the technical project management skills and knowledge of application.

Our team undertakes projects on petrochemical, infrastructure and renewable sites. With qualified painters and experienced management, TIS provides one stop shop services such as pre-surveys, specification, blasting and UHP cleaning, surface preparation and application.
With robust planning and cost control you can be assured of quality work undertaken within your project timeframe.

With our industrial painting services your assets are provided the necessary protection from the elements. Our experts are here to advise you on the right methodology to ensure enhanced protection that suits the requirements of your asset. We provide a variety of surface preparations and coatings including passive fire protection. Our experience spans many industries including oil & gas, infrastructure, process and energy, pharmaceutical and marine work.

Surface Preparations and Coatings Available

Grit blasting • Sand blasting • UHP blasting • Vacuum blasting recovery systems • Mechanical surface work preparation

Passive fire protection (PFP) • Thermal flame metal spraying • Arc metal spraying • Epoxy and alkyd materials • Solvent-free applications • Non-skid deck coatings • Anti-fouling coatings • Vinylester/ polyester linings

rope access

Our highly skilled, multi-discipline IRATA qualified operatives ranging from Level 1 to Level 3 are here to help you in your maintenance or construction projects.

From maintaining offshore platforms, refurbishment of bridges, petrochemical shutdowns to installation of wind farms – TIS rope access team is here to support your project requirements.

Our experienced team is here to help you reach the difficult to access areas, where the cost of scaffolding is high, or where using other conventional access systems is not possible.
Our IRATA rope access operatives undertake rigorous selection process and skill assessments to ensure that we can provide you with the best team fit for your projects.

Choosing rope access allows you for rapid mobilisation and set-up in time-critical, emergency works. With the removal of scaffolding or mechanical access methods, your project costs are under control, minimising the disruption to your daily site activities. TIS rope access teams can be rapidly mobilised to a range of challenges, providing you with a solution to your problems from day one.

Our rope access personnel is trained in using EN compliant rope access equipment. TIS team follows our strict equipment inspection procedures to ensure the safety of our team and others around.


TIS rope access operatives are trained and certified trade professionals including:

    • Industrial painters
    • Insulation operatives
    • Electrical & instrument technicians
    • Industrial cleaners
    • NDT inspectors
    • Mechanical & fabrication technicians


TIS offers thermal, acoustic and cryogenic insulation services to protect your pipes, ducts, tanks, boilers or other vessels for oil and gas, process & energy and manufacturing industries.

With our installation and removal of insulation systems, we can help you extend the life cycle of your assets. Our team can offer a wide array of insulation options to prevent corrosion, reduce noise, preserve heat, provide passive fire protection and waterproof your installations.
Our services are widely used on industrial sites including: refineries, oil & gas terminals, pharmaceutical and power plants.

Our team of experts can offer you advice on the correct type of insulation material to be used as well as various finishes options to suit your budget and specification needs.
Our team can provide you with one stop shop services, to minimise your project costs – our operatives will remove and dispose of your old insulation and provide fitting of the new materials including post-fitting inspection services.


Our equipment and specialist teams have extensive experience in industrial cleaning in the oil and gas, marine and process and energy sectors.

TIS industrial cleaning operatives work according to ISO 14001 standards, to ensure that no work is performed to the detriment of the environment. Our experience extends to both onshore and offshore work, providing you with innovative and cost-efficient solutions, whilst minimising the contamination risks to water or ground.

Our team works relentlessly to provide you with a comprehensive industrial cleaning services portfolio. Our certified operators can serve your complex projects requirements, regardless of the required method of access.

Other Rescue Support Services

TIS (NGA) Ltd have highly trained and experienced rescue technicians to not only provide a site-dedicated Rescue Service, but also combine this role with Rescue/Incident Co-Ordination and/or Rescue Planning (incorporating Method Statements/Risk Assessments & Rescue plans)

Area of Services

    • Gasifier cleans which incorporates removal of ash deposits and clinkers– Inspection of refractory linings
    • Internal Silo cleaning and clearing


TIS (NGA) Ltd provide a fully trained rescue team to carry out various tasks whilst working in confined space conditions.

As per the 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act, keeping people safe whilst working is paramount in all industries. The regulations state that no one should enter or work in a confined space unless there are emergency arrangements in place that are appropriate for the level of risk involved in the task/space.

Our rescue team can perform the necessary assessment of the emergency and, if required, conduct any rescue needed in a safe and controlled way. Recovering casualties in the fastest possible time and administering first aid maybe the difference between life or death.

Attempting to carry out an unprepared rescue, without proper training or equipment only serves to put more people at risk within the confined spaces.

Unprepared people attempting an urgent rescue attributes for almost two thirds of deaths in confined spaces. Only a specialist rescue team should attempt any rescue.

The dangers of confined space working and working at height should never be underestimated. Having a competent and qualified team on site to provide rescue and first aid can save lives.

“Confined Space” means any place, including any chamber, tank, vat, silo, pit, trench, pipe, sewer, flue, well or other similar space in which, by virtue of its enclosed nature, there arises a reasonably foreseeable specified risk.

Hazards arise through the combination of the confined nature of the place of work and the possible presence of substances or conditions which, taken together, can increase the risk to safety or health. Hazards can exist in the space (e.g., fumes or a flammable atmosphere) or they can be introduced to a substantially enclosed space that otherwise would be safe (e.g., fumes released when using chemical cleaners).

Our rescue teams are trained in providing rescue from confined spaces and are also trained and qualified in rope access from IRATA. Allowing them to provide a high level of emergency rescue in a wide range of vertical or horizontal locations.

We take this work very seriously and the team follow strict procedures. Initial survey will be undertaken to competently compile a risk and hazard analysis of the work task and work area. From this an accurate and realistic rescue plan will be devised with safety for all involved set as our highest priority.


EX Electrical Services

TIS provides comprehensive Ex electrical services from equipment inspection & maintenance, construction, fire & gas suppression and detection to integration systems.

Here at TIS NGA Ltd we have extensive expertise installing and maintaining hazardous area electrical and instrumentation equipment in the Oil and Gas sector, Onshore Petrochemical sites, and the Renewable sectors.

With our highly qualified and experienced Project Manager- Marc Stanley, Inspectors and Technicians, TIS (NGA) provides our clients with a comprehensive range of services for inspection and maintenance of Ex equipment within hazardous areas to ensure compliance with BS EN 60079-17: All our technicians are fully CompEx or IECEx certified, with considerable experience with Ex equipment.

Our project Engineer manager has over 20 years in the offshore Oil & Gas industry, we have been providing the following services to our clients:

  • Survey and Data Gathering of Ex Equipment on Installations
  • Equipment Maintenance & Repair
  • Health Care and Audit Checks on Ex Equipment
  • Management and ownership Clients Ex Register
  • Visual, Detailed and Close Inspections of Ex equipment
  • Electronic Tagging and Marking of Ex Equipment
  • Data Gathering using the latest Hardware and Software
  • Implementation of Ex Strategies

We have a successful track record of delivering projects and long-term maintenance contracts all over the world, on time and within budget.
TIS (NGA) Ltd manage, maintain, repair, and replace Ex Equipment in hazardous areas. Using market leading software, we can produce comprehensive reporting to support trend analysis.

At TIS (NGA) we offer a turnkey project delivery approach to multi-discipline project scopes as per below:-

  • Fire & gas engineering services
  • Digital Ex data management services
  • Preparation of pre-commissioning and commissioning procedures
  • Temporary and portable equipment management
  • Digital obsolescence studies & management
  • Lifecycle management of all E&I equipment
  • Rope Access dropped object survey
  • Detailed electrical design services, including single line diagrams, schematics, interconnection diagrams and completed work-packs
  • Ex strategy consultancy services
  • Aviation and navigational aid systems, including Cap 437 TD&PM “Circle & H” installation
  • Lighting: survey, design, supply, installation & maintenance
  • Trace heating: survey, design, supply, install and commission
  • Industrial communications (Ethernet, WiMax, Fibre) survey, design, build, install, commission & maintain
  • Statutory inspections

TIS (NGA) Ltd carry out installation and maintenance of fire & gas detection and suppression systems to keep life and assets safe across several industries in both onshore and offshore environments.​

We provide a cost-effective engineers have experience with design, inspection, installation, service and commission with a wide range of manufacturers. Obsolescence management services can be carried out ranging from service & maintenance health check visits to minor modifications, partial or full upgrade packages.


    At TIS we also offer system integration services including:

    • Integration of existing standalone control systems
    • F&G detection systems, emergency shutdown and alarm systems can be integrated and controlled utilising a combined engineered approach
    • We offer an end-to-end turnkey solution
    • Multi-discipline engineering teams
    • In house project engineer
    • Installation and commissioning

    An example of this is the various projects and the Ex maintenance carried out on the SNEPCO Bonga FPSO in Nigeria. Here we have carried out projects such as, Produced water pump upgrades, Solar turbine upgrade from single fuel to dual fuel, compressor relocation, and the installation of all instrument pipe work, instrumentation and electrical equipment for the Bonga North West well project.

    Alongside these projects we also created and maintained the Ex register and equipment on the Shell Bonga and created a maintenance strategy to keep inspections up to date. All this was carried out with zero compromise to health and safety in extremely challenging conditions.